How can you offer such deep discounted certificate offers?
Hotels, travel companies, restaurants, and other establishments contract with our company in order to provide these deep discounted certificate offers. They provide these offers to get people to use their services. This builds brand loyalty.

Is the certificate offer absolutely free?
NO. Please refer to your individual certificate terms for complete details and any applicable fees.

Does the certificate expire?
The certificate does not expire. The ID# will be valid until your offer has been processed for delivery. Please note that from time to time our certificate offers can change. If the offer has changed, it will be specified when you redeem your certificate.

What type of accommodations will I receive with my vacation certificate?
The hotel getaway certificates offer accommodations at 2-4 star hotels. The resort getaway certificates offer accommodations at 3-5 star resorts.

Does the vacation offer require a timeshare presentation?
A timeshare presentation is not required, but may be offered as an opportunity to upgrade the vacation.

Can I use two vacation certificates back to back for a longer stay?
No. The vacation certificates cannot be used back to back to make a longer stay.

How long do I have to use the reservation form once I receive it?
Typically around 1 year from the issue date.

Will my credit card information be processed securely?
Yes, absolutely! We use a 100% secure server so all your information will be processed securely.

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